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Methodology of the project


The projects methodology was created in a way that disseminated the project’s results automatically during the project. After the development phase ends, the training and pilot phase started. In these phases professional VET teachers/trainers (other than in the development phase) came together in the train the trainer in The Netherlands. They learned about the intellectual output and took it with them to their own country. In their own country/region they organised a training with the help of the training manual and the guideline (pilot phase). Professionals from VET, but also in some countries youth work and local authorities were invited to participate in the training. Also the guideline was tested in the pilot phase in the organisation of Turkey and Spain, strategic colleagues were working with the material in this phase. After the adjustment phase there was active dissemination in the multiplier events where professionals from VET, youth work, local authorities and companies were invited.



Dissemination at different levels




The project manager and the Spanish partner will organise the dissemination of the project results on the European platforms: Erasmus+ Project Results Platform. Through this site and the partners own website, the training manual and the guideline will be made freely available for organisations in Europe. Also the programme for the train the trainer will be placed on the platform.



National and in own organisation/region


Every partners has performed and will dissemination activities in their own country. In order to organise a clear overview of these activities and to plan new activities, every partner will make a dissemination calendar. A general format is available.




The project website is the place where all the information about the projects progress and the project results can be found. The intellectual output will be available through this website too. Partners have to decide what will happen with the website after the projects end. Is it necessary to keep the website available. It is to be expected that it is enough to the intellectual outputs freely available through the European platform.

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