Project information

Inclusive and Accessible VET

Project information

With this project the partners pursue the following common objective:


Establish inclusive and accessible VET, in order to secure equal participation in school, work and society, for everyone regardless of individual disposition. Therefore, in this project, 7 VET organisations work together actively with social workers and employers to develop tools for inclusive approaches in education programmes.


They want to adress the following needs with this project:


  • Professionals in VET schools need to develop skills that are necessary to work in a more diverse (school) environment.


  • Employers need to develop skills to be able to guide diverse learners in apprenticeships (Work-Based Learning).


  • Social workers need to develop skills to be able to guide diverse learners


  • Involvement of parents/carers to be able to improve education systems



The intellectual outputs of this project will be:

  • A Guideline 'How to implement Inclusion in school and its environment': this guideline gives an action plan on how to implement Inclusion in the school and its environment. It describes which steps to undertake to come to an tailer made implementation plan.


  • Training Tool 'All on Board': This training tool is a manual that enables trainers to help school personell, social workers and employers to get familiar with the subject inclusion and their development of guiding skills in an inclusive environment. The manual describes a training method that trainers use to organise their training. It focusses on the content/theory but also on the conditions, methodology, working styles and training materials.